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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Foxes and spiders

No trips planned at the moment, and the weather has not been great in the UK recently. Nevertheless, one day before work last week, I visited the local allotments, where I photographed foxes last Autumn. I arrived at sunrise, but had to wait while before this fellow came by:

I didn't manage to to get any more shots - he didn't hang about. I'm really pleased to see foxes again in this location though, and on my first visit too. There should be plenty more opportunities to photograph them some more between now and Christmas. Weather permitting, I'll visit again next week.

This afternoon I got around to photographing some of the several huge (by British standards - so not that large really) Spiders that have taken up residence in our front garden in the last few weeks. I got plenty of strange looks from the neighbors.

This one is tucking into what appears to be a Crane Fly. Lovely.

So what I said about having no trips planned wasn't exactly true. We're going to the Farne Islands in a couple of weeks - seems like a long way off through.

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