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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Nick Burton's Bare Footed Lounge Photography

It's now early February and, so far, there have only been three days this year in my area (the south east of England) that have had weather good enough to warrant lugging my camera around the country side. Unfortunately, most days have been much like this one -

Grey, drab, boring...

While it stays like this, my intention for the weekends is pretty much to do as much as possible of this:

I'm still following my new year resolution you see, of not shooting in rubbish light - a consequence of this though is that I have very little new stuff to post at the moment. Let's hope things pick up some time soon. In the mean time I'm enjoying a new lens picked up yesterday (a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AF-S, already put to the good use of photographing my feet in the shot above), and here are a few shots from sunnier days past, to remind myself what I'm waiting for: