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Friday, 15 October 2010

Change of plan - Isle of Wight

This weekend I'm on the Isle of Wight, instead of visiting the Farne islands. It turns out to be quite hard to visit the Farne islands at this time of year (no boats really), so I've shelved that project until next summer!

The Isle of Wight, which lies off the south coast of England, is home to a sizable Red Squirrel population. Here and nearby Brownsea Island are the where only remaining populations of Reds remain in southern England.

Happily, there appear to be plenty.

As usual for this time of year (by which I mean "not summer"), I struggled today with the light. Thick grey cloud hung overhead all day long, so one again I was shooting wide open at ISO 2000+ all day long. I think I need to move to Florida.

Nevertheless, there were plenty of sightings, and I managed a few shots too.

Hoping for some sun tomorrow...

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