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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Gray Squirrels

In the last few weeks, increasing numbers of gray squirrels have been visiting our garden. It's only a small garden, which backs on to a housing estate, which means that other than a few birds, we rearely have any visitors. So, it's nice to see them.

They seem to be a family group, as they move around together and seem fine with each others company. Most are youngsters. They are aslo pretty tame, and dont mind being approached to within about 10 feet or so - close enough to get some nice portraits...

Friday, 30 December 2011

Rutland Water

Earlier in the year we visited Rutland Water, hoping to see Ospreys there. We did, but not at close enough range to get any pictures, I'm afraid. Nevertheless, we did have some other, closer, encounters.

Walking back to the car park, we noticed a neighboring field, in which some hares were mucking about.

By the visitor center, there are some bird feeders. However, instead of birds, the food was being eaten mainly by rodents! If you don't like rats, look away now.