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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Bushy Park

Went to Bushy park in London yesterday morning, with a view to photographing some of the deer there. I was a little disappointed not to get any of the kind of shots that I went for, but I did come away with some other photos instead. Despite walking around for an hour and a half, I saw only a few deer (unbelievable really, as the are hundreds there). They must have been there somewhere, but it's a pretty big park, and there just wasn't time to cover all of it.

Apart from this shot, I didn't come away with anything of the kind that I don't already have. So I switched to photographing the birds instead!

West London is full of parakeets; Bushy Park has hundreds. This guy is busy excavating -

...and there were plenty of Canadian Geese on one of the ponds.

Next weekend we are visiting Lincolnshire, so with luck I'll see the Barn Owl near Cath's parents again. I also found out last week that I'll be visiting New York on business at the beginning of October, so I'm going to line up some kind of wildlife photography while I'm there. I've been told Jamaica Bay reserve is very good (they have Osprey in numbers), so that's looking like the best bet at the moment.

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  1. Great shot of that deer! I really like all of your photo's! Greetings Anouk from Holland