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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Thursley Common

Drove to Thursley Common tonight after work. This is probably the last time I'll be able to do after-work photography this year, as the nights are really drawing in now, and happily the weather was lovely.

The Common is famous for its reptiles, some of which I photographed earlier this year - I did see a couple this evening too, but they were too warm (and therefore too mobile) to photograph, and disappeared before I could get close.

There were plenty of Grasshoppers though :-)

Another far corner composition - I think these work really well. Here's the same guy a little closer:

There seem to be a lot of spiders around this year. Our front garden is full of webs. There were plenty on the common tonight too:

To photograph this little fella I had to lay face up on the boardwalk and dangle my head off the edge, shooting directly upwards. I got a funny look from a passing jogger - thing is though, I think he will find it is his pastime which is inexplicable, not mine :-)

I really need to do more macro - I haven't done anything like enough this summer. Too busy with the feathered friends I guess. Speaking of which, this Woodpecker landed nearby just as I was clambering back onto the boardwalk:

This weekend I'm hoping to find time to visit Bushey Park to photograph the Deer rut. That will be an early start!

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  1. I love the grasshopper - I think that composition works really well. It's like looking at the world from the insect's perspective.