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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

New Wide Angle

Just hit the buy button on one of these:

I've had my eye on this lens since it was released a few months back. The reviews all seem very positive, and so tonight I decided to put my existing wide lens, a 20mm Voigtlander prime, on ebay. The prime was a lovely small, light pancake lens. But I've found that the manual focusing has put me off using it for my wildlife photography. In the last year, I only used it a few times.

Also on the fire goes my Tamron 28-75mm, which I've never used for wildlife. I figure the 16-35mm on a D300 can anyway reach most of the effective focal lengths the Tamron on a D700 can. Significantly, the 16-35mm on a crop sensor gives a roughly 50mm field of view at the long end.

The 16-35mm zoom range, and the AF and VR of the Nikkor should be far more practical. It's unlikely to sit on the shelf like the prime and the Tamron have.

So - watch this space for some close-up wide shots, and some landscapes too!

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