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Friday, 13 August 2010

Chanonry Point (day 1)

I'm in Inverness at the moment, looking for Dolphins. The nearby Chanonry point is a well known Dolphin watching destination in Scotland, and that's where we went today. Unfortunately, the weather was really grotty (we got rained on pretty good). I spent most of the time shooting at 800 ISO, wide open.

We saw plenty of dolphins, but only a few came close to the shore. Here's a couple of shots. The first one looks OK from a distance, but there is some motion blur (I just couldn't get a high enough shutter speed in the available light). The second one is a bit cluttered, I think. I'm not really happy with either, to be honest - I think I can do better tomorrow if the weather improves (and currently the forecast says it will).

Aside from Dolphins, there is plenty of wildlife to be seen at the point, including the odd seal in the water, and plenty of sea birds too. We spent quite a while in the afternoon looking for crabs and starfish in the strand line. So did this Herring Gull, and he found this shellfish, which he carried up and dropped onto the shore to break it open!

Really pleased with this last one - great timing (i.e. lucky) on my part.

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