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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Jurong Bird Park - Singapore

For the last week I've been away on business in Singapore. Before my flight home on Saturday, I was able to visit Jurong Bird Park. I spent about 5 hours there - it's the best bird park of this kind I've been to, and I'd heartily recommend it as a day out if you are ever in that part of the world. In the UK, I try to avoid this kind of place, as it is usually so crowded that you can't walk around freely. Happily, the Jurong Bird Park is so huge that even on a Saturday afternoon it never felt full.

So, on to some photos, and completely different from Barn Owls, as promised. First up, ever wondered what the inside of a Pelican's mouth looks like? Here you go:

Nice eh? Like Jabba the Hut with feathers.

This next one seems to be some kind of starling, which perched nicely for me in one of the many huge aviaries.

And finally a couple of Parrots:

As you might imagine, the birds were completely tame - all of these shots were taken at a distance of no more then 10 feet. I only had my 70-200mm on my D700, so no reach at all really, but it was still enough for most shots. I could have used a 300mm on a couple of occasions though. I did see a couple of Japanese tourists walking around with Canon 400mm 2.8s on full Gitzo + Wimberly rigs: complete overkill for this kind of thing really.

Tomorrow is a bank holiday, so if at all possible I'll try and get out somewhere. Next weekend, I'm off to the bay of Biscay whale spotting!

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