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Monday, 2 May 2011

Jersey - part 1: The Coast

Last week we visited Jersey, an island located in the English Channel between England and France (

This week I'll be posting some of the (mostly wildlife) photographs I took. In this first part, here are some pictures taken at the coast.

 First, a few landscapes of the coastline itself.

This juvenile Herring Gull allowed me to approach to within few feet - he's sitting on a wall between the beach and a coastal car park.

On a couple of days we went rock pooling on the west coast. Beaufort bay near the south west corner of the island is excellent for rock pooling, but there are plenty of other places to go also.

Sea Anemone were the best subjects I found in the pools - they're surprisingly photogenic!

And finally, some Acorn Barnacles.

I've got some plans to do some rock pooling later in the year on the south coast of England. Plenty of opportunities for macro photography on the coast!

In my next post, I show some photos from the Durrell Wildlife Park.

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