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Saturday, 2 April 2011

British Wildlife Center

The British Wildlife Center is only ten minutes down the road from us - we go there a few times a year. Spring is the best time to visit, and today we made our first trip for 2011.

The best animals there to photograph, I find, are the otters. They have a great enclosure, which allows for natural surroundings and backgrounds.

The red squirrels (which are kept in a walk through enclosure) were the most active we've ever seen them. They're incredibly tame, as they get dozens of people wandering through the enclosure every hour, and will run right past you (or over you) if you stand between them and where they are headed!

The Center also has Herons nesting in some of the trees there. I managed, for the first time, to see a Heron chick - here's a photo of the little fella:

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