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Monday, 29 November 2010

Antigua - Part 2

In Antigua, there are a great many Lizards!

Here is one that visited our balcony one day:

They were pretty trusting, as you can see. All of these shots were taken using a D700 + Nikkor 200mm f4 micro, at a range of about 2-3 feet.

This next one is my favorite - fantastic camouflage and, if you look carefully, a bright blue eye...

Whereas this guy didn't seem to mind standing out:

In fact, this last one only turned orange in direct sunlight, a very strange effect. If look near his eye and his belly, which are in shade, you can see his real coloring. I'm not sure what causes this - it's almost as though they glow in direct sunlight.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Antigua - part 1

In the middle two weeks of November we traveled to Antigua where we were married!

While packing I managed to resist the temptation to take an excessive amount of camera stuff, but still took enough with me to photograph the odd animal should I see any. Should I see any, you understand.

Well, here's a selection of shots taken from the balcony of our chalet on the resort! It was just amazing to be able to see and photograph all this without even leaving our room. All shots taken with a D3100 + Nikkor 300mm f4 AF-S.