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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Antigua - part 3

This is the final installment of photos from the Caribbean. First up, some shots taken during a boat trip to neighboring island Barbuda.

Barbuda is home to a Frigate Bird colony. It was very gloomy weather when we visited the colony, so it wasn't possible to use longer lenses - this wide angle shot though gives an idea of the number of birds present - thousands!

The gloomy weather preceded a storm - minutes before the rain came, I got these two from the beach:

Literally two minutes after taking this shot, the sky opened (we got drenched). The weather is like this out there though - an hour later it was hot and sunny again!

Earlier this year, I had an idea to try and photograph Salmon leaping upstream, but abandoned the idea as it sounded like it would just be too difficult to pick them off mid-leap as it were. Having got the following shot, I might change my mind about that:

This next one is a coral reef - it was taken during a helicopter trip we took around the island.

And finally, a dragonfly taken using not a macro lens but my 300mm f4 AF-S.

We've come home to a slightly different climate:

...but come the weekend that should provide some photographic opportunities of its own!

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