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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hares at RSPB Frieston Shore

On Saturday I visited RSPB Frieston Shore, near Boston in Lincolnshire. It turns out to be an excellent place to see hares! I'm very pleased to have been able to find a good spot to photograph these animals, as I spent (wasted!) a lot of time searching for them near Stockport last year, with no success.

Added to that, it was a clear sunny day, and I found a group of 6 hares within photographing distance, just about an hour before sunset. After months of gray skies and rain, perhaps my luck is changing :-)

I did see a couple of hares boxing, but it was just a brief episode. I'd like to visit again next weekend if possible to see if I can get something better than this next shot.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

RSPB Northward Hill

Yesterday, having just returned from a fortnight abroad on business, and seeing the excellent weather forecast, I took the day off work and traveled to RSPB Northward Hill in Kent. This was my first visit to this reserve, and I 'll be going again soon I hope.

Northward Hill is famous for its Herons, and although it is a little too early for them to begin nesting (that should change in a few weeks from now), there are already at least 60 present. I hope to revisited in late March or in April though, to see the roosts.

There were also plenty of raptors to be seen on the reserve, including a good number of Kestrels:

...and a Buzzard too:

 ...along with small mammals, hiding in bushes:

 This next one was taken just before sunset at the feeders near the car park. Great sunset, and all in all some excellent weather all day long. Could spring be coming?

Finally, a pair of collared doves, presumably they'll start nesting soon too.

A great reserve, all the better on a week day - it was so quiet!